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Synopsis: COOL KIDS PUNCH NAZI contains three short stories from old public domain comic books from the 1940s. These stories have been re-written entirely based on the original panel art and Big Tim's sense of humour. The result is a collection of new stories featuring Kangaroo Man and Black Terror punching Nazis.

This comic is NOT FOR KIDS! Unless those kids love swears.

If you grew up on superheroes like The Tick and Earthworm Jim, and you can't help but giggle when Captain America, Hellboy, or Indiana Jones punches Nazis in their stupid faces? Then I reckon you'll dig this comic.

Written by Big Tim Stiles with original art from S. M. Iger & Jerry Winters (Kangaroo Man), Alan Fraser (Little Adolf), and Richard E. Hughes & Dan Gabrielson (Black Terror). Cover art by Matt Kyme.

20 pages, Black and White One-Shot