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GORILLA MY DREAMS: GORILLA TAILS w/ Limited Edition Variant Cover

$7.50 / On Sale

Synopsis: Beware criminals and evil doers! Start trouble in Struggle-Town and it's KNOCKAROUND-GUY you'll answer to! Themed henchmen or zombie carnies, Nazi turtles or drunk ducks, it makes no difference to our simian superhero.

"It's the gorilla noir you never knew you needed in your life." Shane W Smith, creator of TRIUMVIRATUS, UNDAD

GORILLA MY DREAMS: GORILLA TAILS introduces a number of Struggle-Town's supporting cast, throwing them firmly into the spotlight.

In six all-new short stories we meet the characters who interact with, support, and sometimes run from Knockaround-Guy.

GORILLA MY DREAMS can best be described as: "Batman: The Animated Series mashed into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles if Saturday morning cartoons came on after 10pm."

Written by Big Tim Stiles with art by Ahmed Raafat. Special guest art by Paul Gori, Nathan Kelly, Carlos Pedro, and Dennis Tirona.

36 pages, Black and White One-Shot