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Big Tim's Funny Books Bundle (free postage)

$50.00 / On Sale

The Big Tim's Funny Books Bundle deal gets you the following:

* Free Postage to anywhere in the world,

* Gorilla my Dreams: Mime of my Life blank sketch cover with a one-of-a-kind hand-drawn Zombie Gorilla or Space Marine Gorilla (32 pages),

* Cthulhu Williams #0 (32 pages),

* Army of Webcomics mini-poster, and

* An old and pre-loved issue of Captain America (an old Mark Gruenwald, Rob Liefeld, or Mark Waid issue of Captain America from my personal stash. That's right, a bonus twenty-something year old Captain America comic that has been read a hundred times, creased from being carried around in my school bag, and in some cases, torn and sticky-taped back together. These comics are why I fell in love with comic books in general and Captain America specifically).